COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Letecia Stauch’s daughter, Harley Hunt, testified in her mother’s trial Monday.

Hunt stated the last time she saw her mom was in March 2020 on the day of her mother’s arrest. She was quickly moved to tears on the stand when she identified 11-year-old Gannon. 

Hunt told the court that on Feb. 1, 2020, her mom rented a white van and they left the state on a road trip. 

Prosecutor Dave Young asked Hunt if she asked her mom where they were going.

“Yeah, the destination changed multiple times,” Hunt said. “I remember she just kept saying, ‘Where do you want to live?’”

Young asked Hunt if she noticed anything unusual or smelled anything in the back of the van. She said no to both questions.

Hunt acknowledged that she understood that the attorneys were asking about a smell to see if she smelled Gannon’s body in a suitcase while on the road. 

“The thought just never came across my mind, I just never thought my mom would do that,” Hunt said. “I never even questioned it, it just never came up.”

Later in the afternoon, Young told Hunt he was going to get direct.

“Did you help your mother throw that suitcase over a bridge in Pensacola, Florida?” Young asked.

Hunt said she did not.

Young asked Hunt about a point when she may have questioned her mom’s innocence. 

“I started having a question, but I still believed her for a while and it wasn’t until this past November,” she said.

Hunt testified that she was concerned she might be charged with a crime based on the trip to Florida. She said the crime was accessory to first-degree murder.

Hunt said she flew out to Colorado to give a statement “because it was the right thing to do,” and that there was no guarantee she wouldn’t be charged if she talked.

Harley said she hasn’t seen her mom change personalities, and that she didn’t see her mom not remember who she was or who Gannon was.

When asked if she loves her mom, Harley broke into tears.

Court ended early Monday and will resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.