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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Letecia Stauch, the woman charged in the killing of her 11-year-old stepson Gannon Stauch, has been charged with solicitation to commit escape from the El Paso County Jail.

Letecia Stauch was originally arrested on March 2 on suspicion of several charges, including first-degree murder, and has been housed at El Paso County Jail.

Stauch allegedly sent letters to another inmate, which included detailed plans of her plot to escape the jail.

Currently, Stauch is classified as “segregation from all,” meaning she will not be moved around the facility with other inmates and is not housed with any other inmate.

In addition, she is also classified as a “full restraint escape risk,” which means she cannot be transported outside of the facility without full restraints on her wrists and ankles.

However, Stauch had been communicating with another inmate, Theresa Borchard, and asking Borchard’s help to escape.

Borchard said that when Stauch has her hour out, she will often stop by Borchard’s cell and pass notes to her and other inmates. Borchard gave the letters to authorities, who investigated the matter.

Stauch had allegedly offered money in exchange for Borchard’s help, however, when authorities asked Borchard if she was willing or planning to help Stauch, Borchard replied, “No way, that is why I told you about the letters to begin with.”

According to a conversation between Borchard and Stauch, Stauch planned to utilize a broom handle to break out her cell window to escape. Stauch claimed she had measured herself and knew she would fit through it.

After further investigation, Stauch was charged with solicitation to commit escape.

The full affidavit for probable cause can be found here.