LEADVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — It took only a few hours for a jury to find a Leadville man guilty of first-degree murder for killing one of his own family members.

Eric Christopher Gurule, 29, of Leadville was convicted of killing Randy Flores, 55, who was his uncle and former boss. According to the district attorney, the murder happened in September 2020.

According to the DA, Flores was the owner of Pro-Electric Incorporation, an electric services business in Leadville. Gurule worked with his uncle at the business.

Flores had invited a group of coworkers to his house for a party on Sept. 2. 2020.

After a night of drinking beer, two witnesses reported Gurule “flipped a switch” and became confrontational with the group. The coworkers left the house leaving Gurule alone with Flores.

According to the DA, one coworker, Jeremy Sandoval, noticed Flores did not show up the next day for an all-employee meeting. Sandoval then went to his home to check on him and found several broken objects, holes in the wall, and cabinet doors ripped off their hinges. He found Flores dead in the bathroom.

On Sept. 4, Gurule was arrested by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office without incident after being connected to the death of Flores. Upon being questioned, he admitted to drinking at the party but claims he woke up in his own bed with dried blood on his nose and hands. He recalled not remembering what happened the previous night, according to the DA.

Pathologists determined Flores was killed by severe blunt force craniocerebral injuries.

Jury deliberation only took a few hours before they found Gurule guilty of first-degree murder.

“I would like to thank the efforts of law enforcement and particularly the Colorado Bureau of
Investigation for their quick response and willingness to lead this investigation. Our hearts go
out to Mr. Flores’ family and the community, and we hope that this verdict can close at least this
chapter in their grief for this overwhelming loss,” said Heidi McCollum, 5th Judicial district attorney.

Gurule had previous interactions with law enforcement after a 2018 incident where he assaulted customers at a bar. When police asked why he got violent, Gurule claimed to not remember anything.

Gurule faces life imprisonment in the Colorado Department of Corrections. His trial is set for July 29.