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DENVER (KDVR) — The lawyer representing the family of the man who was fatally shot near downtown Denver over the weekend issued a statement to FOX31 and Channel 2 Thursday night.

Lee Keltner, 49, died after he was shot near the Denver Art Museum following dueling rallies downtown on Saturday.

William Boyle, the attorney representing Keltner’s family, issued the following statement on behalf of Keltner’s wife:

The Keltner family obviously wants justice for Lee.  The charges of 2nd Degree Murder announced today represent a positive first step.  The available evidence supports these charges.  Questions remain as to Mr. Dolloff’s relationship with KUSA/Channel 9,  Pinkerton and Isborn Security.  We have reached out to these companies seeking answers.  Although we have not been contacted, all three have issued carefully-crafted statements in what appear to be efforts to distance themselves from the shooting and Mr. Dolloff.

Lee’s family is in shock and mourning the loss of a father, grandfather, son, brother and husband.  They hope that Lee is remembered as a proud Coloradan, a veteran and an artist.  They appreciate respect for their privacy during this time of loss.

Earlier Thursday, the Denver District Attorney’s Office announced that Matthew Dolloff, the unlicensed security guard accused in the shooting, will be charged with second-degree murder.

If convicted, the charge carries a mandatory prison sentence of between 16 and 48 years.

Photos from the event show Dolloff and Keltner facing off before the deadly shooting.

According to the police narrative, Keltner had been involved in an argument with another man and at one point turned his attention toward Dolloff. Keltner hit Dolloff in the face and then within seconds discharged OC spray while Dolloff simultaneously fired one shot.

9NEWS said it had contracted with the security company Pinkerton for an unarmed guard. Pinkerton said it contracted with another company that employed Dolloff. However, there is no record of Dolloff as a licensed security guard in the City and County of Denver.

“None of 9NEWS’ crew accompanied by Mr. Dolloff on Saturday were aware that he was armed,” the news station said in a statement.

Dolloff was taken into custody moments after the shooting and has been held for suspicion of first-degree murder since then.

On Thursday night, Matt Isborn, the owner of Isborn Security Services, confirmed his company is the subcontractor that hired Dolloff. He said Dolloff has worked for his company on multiple projects since August 2019.

In a statement, Isborn said his company is licensed to provide armed security services in the City and County of Denver.

He offered condolences to Keltner’s family and said he wanted to remain silent on the incident until there was reliable evidence about what occurred on Saturday.

“During that time, I agonized over the ridiculous accusations and the lies that were being spread about Matthew Dolloff’s affiliations, and his character. The mainstream and local media outlets have been nothing short of shameless in spreading this misinformation, and I refuse to remain silent any longer. I have spent the last three days reading the statements of those involved, of those who witnessed the incident, and viewing the comprehensive photographic documentation,” Isborn said. He referenced videos released by 9NEWS on Wednesday.

Isborn said that after reviewing all the available information, he is “now convinced that Matthew Dolloff’s actions were strictly defensive in nature, and his quick reaction to the situation may have saved the life of the channel 9 News Producer.”

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Isborn said that during his professional experience with Dolloff, the security guard had always demonstrated professionalism and “exceptional character.”

“He never had a single complaint from either the clients or the other agents working with him on these details,” Isborn said of Dolloff. “I stand by and fully support Matthew Dolloff and his family as they deal with the aftermath of this tragic situation.”