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DENVER — Just days after a shooting at a high school in Florida left 17 people dead, a bill is being prepared at the state Capitol to dismantle part of Colorado’s tough gun control laws.

The bill would repeal the ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines for guns. It’s a controversial move, but one that has the support of gun rights advocates.

The ban on large-capacity magazines has been in place for the past four years in Colorado.

It was approved by lawmakers after the shooting at the Aurora theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

It limits the sale or transfer of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. Some high-capacity magazines can hold up to 100 rounds.

The gunman who opened fire on concertgoers in Las Vegas in October was equipped with several high-powered rifles and multiple high-capacity magazines, according to investigators.

He was able to fire more than 1,000 rounds and kill 59 people in a matter of minutes.

The bill to repeal the magazine limit is being sponsored by State Sen. Owen Hill of El Paso County and State Rep. Lori Saine of Weld County.

The bill is set to be introduced in committee on Feb. 28.