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DENVER — A plan to allow a legal injection site in Denver goes before lawmakers on Monday at the state Capitol.

The idea would establish a place where drug users could legally shoot up under supervision and without fear of being arrested.

A supervisor could step in and provide medical help if there is an overdose.

Some lawmakers toured a legal site in Vancouver, British Columbia, a few months ago to see if that site could be duplicated in Denver.

Those who are in favor of the idea believe it can work.

“One site we visited had over 4 million visits over the past years,” said state Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver. “And they have reported zero overdose deaths, zero.”

“We know people are publicly injecting in a park, in alleys, not only injecting there, they are dying there,” said Lisa Raville with the Reduction Action Center.

“We can do better, bring it out of the public sphere and into a controlled environment where no has to die of an overdose.”

Opponents believe the bill just makes it easier to do illegal drugs.

Boulder is also considering an injection site. The bill faces an uphill battle and could die in committee.