DENVER (KDVR) — Denver solar company EcoMark shut down, but employees said there was no heads up and they are still owed money.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the business officially ceased operations on Oct. 24.

“On the 23rd, they shut us out of our email and made it look like it was a glitch,” said Amber Castellon, who worked at EcoMark Solar.

The next day, she said they were jumping on what they thought was a team meeting when the CEOs announced they were closing the doors.

“They announced they were going out of business, ceasing operations that day. I had 20 projects in the pipeline with them,” Castellon said.

Employee: Solar customers not notified

The company was owned by Colorado state Rep. Alex Valdez and Jake DiRe, according to Castellon. She said she was still owed just a little over $2,000 in commission from a completed install the week before.

“Jake texted me back, he would look into it. And ever since, all their communication is being directed to their lawyer,” Castellon said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 texted Valdez, who responded with a statement:

For over 12 years ensuring our employees have been paid has been our top priority. EcoMark, like so many small businesses in Denver, was forced to close due to the effects of COVID, supply chain issues, and labor shortages.  However, all employees received final paychecks and all outstanding work is paid when completed.

EcoMark Solar

On top of the unpaid commission, Castellon said she had 20 jobs in the pipeline, which would be about $30,000 in commission.

“But since no one is overseeing these jobs, so I’m never going to get paid, so I can’t get a lawyer, ’cause all I’m technically owed on paper is the $2,091,” Castellon said.

BBB complaints filed against EcoMark

According the BBB, EcoMark Solar had 26 total complaints in the past three years, with 21 of those in 2022 alone.

According to public court records, there are no current bankruptcy filings for EcoMark or under either of the owners’ names.

Castellon said customers are still reaching out to her for help because they were also left in the dark.

“Customers were reaching out to me. Come to find out, not an email or anything went out to them, who invested thousands of dollars. I still have customers calling me, finding me on Facebook, asking for my help and asking what is happening,” Castellon said. “They just left thousands of people in the water.”

Castellon said she is still waiting for answers.

“I’m supposed to get my W-2 to file my taxes, and I need it ’cause it’s a lot of money, but no response from the lawyer even there,” Castellon said.