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DENVER (KDVR) — The consumer tactic called “shrinkflation” has been going on for decades, supply chain experts say. But now you may be more likely to notice it when going through a drive-thru or shopping at the grocery store.

“Now in particular we have a unique set of problems, we have supply chains problems and we have the cost of goods going up for a variety of reasons,” Gurumurthi Ravishankar with the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business said. “Everything from labor rates to fuel costs and so on and so forth.”

Ravishankar says more companies are pressured to rely on shrinkflation to avoid losing customers. Shrinkflation is known as selling products at the same or similar price, in the same packaging, while skimming the amount of product inside.

“If I sell you a bag of something that’s normally 16 ounces and I made it 14 ounces, you’re probably not going to notice,” Ravishankar said.

Experts say the best way to avoid shrinkflation is by comparing unit prices, on the back label between brands.  Some say you could also consider complaining to the company.