DENVER (KDVR) — As a fall storm blankets the Front Range with snow, arborists are already gearing up for a busy week ahead.

At Ross Tree Company, General Manager David Boswell says he’s preparing for significant damage if forecasted snow totals pan out.

“With all the leaves on the trees we may see a lot of failure around the metro area,” said Boswell.

Certain types of trees, like maple trees, are especially susceptible this time of year, according to Boswell. 

Unlike ash and elm trees, which have mostly lost their leaves at this point, many maples are just starting to turn color. 

“Those leaves could potentially catch that snow, weigh those down, and if you have structural issues in the tree, it’s going to bring those branches down and cause a lot of issues and potentially a lot of failure around the community,” he said.

He says routine pruning can alleviate some of those concerns, but says at this point, it’s best to let Mother Nature run its course.