LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — The Humane Society of Weld County is preparing to dissolve and will transfer assets, including the Evans-based shelter, to the Larimer Humane Society

The board announced that decision Tuesday, citing an “inability to meet future needs” as they deal with an increase in stray animals and a decrease in revenue. 

“They really felt like it was in the long-term interest to dissolve and transfer their assets to Larimer Humane Society,” said Judy Calhoun. 

Calhoun is the CEO of the Larimer Humane Society, which will dip into reserve savings to keep the Weld County shelter open. 

She said keeping the Evans shelter open was a priority for her staff, to ensure people in Weld County can find lost pets quickly, and have close access to adoptions.

“Our goal is to keep the animals that are coming from Greeley and Evans, to keep those animals in their community,” Calhoun said. “We don’t have the capacity to handle all of those animals here, nor is it really in the best interest of the pets and people.”

The transition is already taking place with a final transfer expected to take place in early October. 

Calhoun said ultimately, they hope to replace the aging Weld County shelter with a new one, and they’ll welcome community input as that process begins.