LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Behind roadblocks and inside the evacuation zone, crews remain hard at work on the 37E fire.

The wildfire, burning near the Larimer and Boulder county borders, was estimated to be around 114 acres Saturday afternoon.

FOX31 was given an exclusive look on Saturday inside the burn area, where flames crept within feet of at least one home. 

“The weather’s been very cooperative,” Sgt. Derek Rosenquist said. “It’s a little sunnier than expected, but we’re not getting the winds, and crews are continuing to make really good progress.”

Sunday’s forecast calls for winds gusting near 40 mph adding pressure to Saturday’s work on the ground. “Everybody on the fire is well aware of the weather coming in for tomorrow and the need to get as much solid work in as we can today,” Rosenquist said. 

Near Blue Mountain Road, only a handful of small fires were still visible on the ground, a testament to the work done Friday night by more than 100 firefighters. Rosenquist said they’re hoping to knock most of those down before winds pick up.

“Any time you get winds like that, it can be a challenge,” he said. “But if we can get some good work in today, prevent anything from getting up into the trees and lofting embers, that’ll definitely help out.”

Firefighters did not order any additional aerial drops Saturday, choosing to work with boots on the ground throughout the area.

They say Friday’s aerial attack paid huge dividends Saturday by creating solid fire lines in the areas closest to homes.

“What we’re trying to do, with what we accomplished last night, is not let it get any bigger,” Rosenquist said.

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