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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — In just about a day, a Lakewood Family says their Doberman puppy was stolen and sold to a new owner.

Jonathan Zaldana says his family’s 8-week-old Doberman, named Dobie, was taken from their side yard late Tuesday morning.

A neighbor’s Ring video shows what appears to be two people near the yard’s side gate. Dobie went missing soon thereafter.

Armed with flyers, on Wednesday, the family went door-to-door near their Jay Street home. Their goal was to hand out or post as many of those flyers as possible along nearby West Colfax Avenue.

“When you’re furious, you’re just knocking everywhere!” said Zaldana.

A tip led them to a trailer park, and, a few knocks later, they found a man who had Dobie.

“I can’t believe, when he brought him out, my wife dropped down in tears,” says Zaldana.

Zaldana says the man claims a third party had sold him Dobie for $200.

The family gave that man $200, and the man handed over the puppy.

“I feel like I won the lottery. Finally got him back,” Zaldana said.

Lakewood police confirm they are investigating,