LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — After a 6-year-old boy was viciously mauled by dogs in a Lakewood neighborhood, one city leader is calling on stricter enforcement to prevent this from happening again.

The incident happened last Wednesday in a neighborhood near Yale and Sheridan. The dog attack happened in Anita Springsteen‘s ward, she is a Lakewood council member in Ward 3.

Springsteen said in order to prevent this from happening again, several city departments need to enforce rules in an area she feels is underserved.

“I had a lot of concerns about how this little boy was injured so badly,” Springsteen said.

Diego Dominguez-Inungarai was mauled by two dogs and left bloodied and scarred, undergoing multiple medical procedures and more left to go.

“I think it’s inexcusable that a little boy would be attacked by dogs in this manner,” Springsteen said.

Diego was walking to a park in the Thraemoor neighborhood with his aunt when the attack happened.

“The city should be able to follow up on that and prevent further incidents like this from happening,” Springsteen said.

Springsteen outlined what she feels needs to be done to protect her constituents from another dog attack.

“In a perfect world, I would like to see more attention by the police department, code enforcement and animal control in regulating these types of issues and making sure that we don’t have people violating our ordinances repeatedly,” Springsteen said.

At stake for her and the city, she said, is its reputation.

“I am so sorry to this family that this was their experience in our city,” Springsteen said.

On Sunday, we learned from Diego’s aunt the family has hired an attorney.