MOUNTAIN VIEW, Colo. (KDVR) — UPDATE: Lakeside and Mountain View Police departments were able to give some lucky kiddos bikes just in time for the holidays. Take a look:

Lakeside police recently received a donation of children’s bicycles, and now they’re working with Mountain View Police to find children who could use them.

It was a small gesture of Christmas generosity that was appreciated by the Lakeside and Mountain View Police departments.

The bikes are small and midsized, all coming from a donation from Walmart.

“Coming from an organization like Walmart, they’re huge, they’re everywhere.” Cpl. Stephen Hicks with MVPD said. “For them to say, ‘Hey, we want to help out some families and the community,’ it was great.”

Gestures like this are aimed at helping this small station stay connected with its community.

“Here at Mountain View, we do community events once a month, so we are familiar with Walmart,” Hicks said. “We’ve worked with them before on events and partnerships, so we know they want to help out.”

If you know of a child or family in need of one of these bikes, you can contact Mountain View Police at 303-425-1748.