Lake City wants tourists to know it’s open for business

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HINSDALE COUNTY — Lake City isn’t as concerned about flooding as it was a couple weeks ago, when the community started filling thousands of sandbags to protect area homes and businesses.

The fear of debris clogging waterways pretty much washed away when Hinsdale County officials realized their mitigation efforts had been working.

“All that work that was done in the backcountry has made huge strides!” said Sandy Hines, Hinsdale County Administrative Assistant & Public Information Officer.

Hines said the big problem now stems from concerned tourists who are canceling their Summer time trips due to initial flood concerns.

“People that love to come to Lake City were concerned about their reservations for this Summer,” Hines explained. “Initially we did have quite a few June reservations canceled. I get phone calls almost every day. I’ve probably had 3 or 4 today”.

Lake City relies heavily on Summer tourism. Without it, local businesses would suffer.

“It would definitely cause a hardship that could last just beyond one year,” Hines said.

Hines, as well as the rest of the community want folks to know Lake City is open for business. Not only is it open for business, but it’s also beaming with beauty right now.

“We’ve got restaurants open, businesses,” she said. There are lots of other trails and roads and campgrounds and fishing areas and four wheel drive roads that are open in the county.”

To learn more about Lake City or to plan a trip to the mountain town, click here.

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