LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — New gun laws in Lafayette will go into effect on Friday, July 1.

The four new ordinances include:

  • Prohibiting the possession of unfinished frames and receivers and unserialized firearms, also known as “ghost guns”
  • Requiring firearms dealers to post signage at points-of-sale warning of the risks of having a firearm in the home
  • Prohibiting open-carrying of firearms in public places throughout the city
  • Prohibiting open or concealed carrying of firearms on city property

“City Council has chosen to pass a series of ordinances that limit access to a weapon and has urged the Colorado government to take future actions,” Mayor JD Mangat said in a statement. “We have chosen to stand side-by-side with our neighboring municipalities pursuing stronger gun control measures to protect Lafayette and our residents.”

Lafayette gun laws part of countywide gun restriction effort

The city-level gun laws are only now possible after the state legislature lifted the pre-emption on some gun laws, meaning municipalities can pass rules that are more strict than at the state level. Those laws could include regulations on the sale, purchase, transfer or possession of guns, ammunition and gun components and accessories.

Lafayette’s new gun laws were passed as part of a concerted effort among some municipalities in Boulder County to enact similar rules within their limits. The city joins Boulder, Louisville and Superior in passing the new gun ordinances.