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DENVER (KDVR) — The lack of substitute teachers for classrooms has become a national problem. Now, it’s a major concern for many districts in the Denver area.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association claims the shortage of subs is hurting their work in the classroom, as well as hurting the students. 

Teachers said they are being asked to do double-duty: be a full time educator and a sub.

“There are not enough substitute teachers to cover classes and educators are being asked to use planning time to cover them instead of focusing on actual curriculum,” Rob Gould from the Teachers Association said.

The teachers are holding a ‘walk-in’ at some Denver schools Thursday morning to protest the shortage and other concerns in the district.

The situation has become so dire in Boulder, Boulder Valley Schools are basically doubling pay to attract subs.

Boulder schools usually have about 900 subs in their daily pool. This year, that number has dropped to just 360.