DENVER (KDVR) — Many are still on cloud nine from celebrating with the Colorado Avalanche at the parade on Thursday. The team gets to keep the Stanley Cup to celebrate for 100 days.  

You may have seen the video circulating on social media that shows one of the players, Kurtis MacDermid, falling with the cup above his head.  

FOX31 caught up with the keeper of the Stanley Cup, Philip Pritchard, about the latest fall.

It was Thursday night that the cup was carried through Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Downtown Denver.

“We had a private event upstairs on the second floor there. … The players went down and surprised everybody,” Pritchard said. “[The floor] was slippery. I gotta give it to Mr. MacDermid, who had the cup and fell back. He protected the cup.

“I’m sure he must have woken up this morning with some bruises,” Pritchard continued. “But he saved the cup, and I think looking at it, that’s the respect these guys have for that trophy. It’s 130 years old. We need it to go another 130 years and hopefully have the Avalanche win a whole bunch more cups down the road.”

The players interacted with fans at the bar, like Kendell Griebel, and were crowd surfing.  

“It was fun. Like everyone was just so hyped up, and you could tell they were just having a day,” Griebel said. “We are carrying around a baby Stanley Cup all day, so it was just like super fun vibes, because everyone was like, wanting to fist bump it, hold it up, drink out of it and whatnot.”

Stanley Cup had already seen mishaps this week

This fall is not the only mishap the cup has gone through. It’s been hugged, hoisted and kissed. But just within minutes of the win, a whoopsie: a player falls on the ice and dents the cup. And within the week, the cup got delivered to the wrong house.

“It was kind of humiliating from our side, but I think we made two new hockey fans. And if we can do that every day, that’s great,” Pritchard said.  

The cup has also been passed through the hands of Peyton Manning. 

“It’s an honor to hang around with the world’s greatest sports trophy,” Pritchard said. 

The chance to share the long-awaited victory with the fans makes it that much sweeter.  

“It was like a unification. Everyone was there celebrating the same thing,” Griebel said.  

“It’s kind of like ‘The People’s Cup,’ I guess, currently, because the guys work. They do work so hard,” Pritchard said. “It’s the pinnacle of their career to win the Stanley Cup, but they know the team is much more than the guys on the ice. It’s the fans, it’s their skating coach, it’s their teachers, their coaches. Everybody sort of shares that it’s probably their ultimate dream is to be able to be somewhere and share with the fans.”