DENVER (KDVR) – The creator of what is arguably the greatest ever Batman-adjacent song is heading out on a North American trek, the route for which swings through a Denver venue near you.

The early ’90s gem Seal has heard the weeping masses who recently noticed the 30-year anniversary of his inaugural album has come and gone. Now he’s responding with a “Don’t Cry” of sorts, in the form of a continental tour.

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On May 30, Seal will bring this killer tour through Denver for a stop at the Bellco Theatre.

For those people asking why in regards to attending this Paddington, London-born legend’s performance, consider that this run of shows, called the 30th Anniversary Tour, will consist of full album performances of his self-titled 1991 album and his 1994 sophomore entry, “Seal II.”

With some support from the new wave outfit The Buggles, which is led by the tour’s musical director Trevor Horn, Seal will kick off the beginning of the tour on April 25 in Pheonix before arriving in Denver just over a month later.

How to get tickets for Seal at Bellco Theatre

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Ticket-hunting feels more often than not to be a fight within a whirlpool, but if you want to get ahead of the digital queue, snag the presale opportunities available to members of Seal’s fan club and Live Nation, both of which will take place on the morning of Thursday, Jan. 26.

Tickets for the general public hit the market on Friday, Jan. 27, at 10 a.m.

For those of you still internally muttering, “if I could, I would,” while mulling over whether or not to attend, be sure you make that decision after first thinking how wild it would be to see a show from the early ’90s in the 2020s.

When Seal takes to the Bellco stage in May, he’ll be bringing exactly that when he performs his first two albums, which were racking up records before 1995 had even arrived.