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DENVER — Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders hosted a football camp for about 350 kids Monday.

Ten-year-old Carl Martin was one of the participants. He said he can’t wait to tell his friends what he did this summer.

“I’m just going to say I met Phillip Lindsay. I met a New York Giants player and Emmanuel Sanders. And just tell them the whole story, and feel good about myself,” Martin said.

Sanders’ ProCamp is held each year.

Martin says he’s never felt more excited.

“I didn’t eat sugar, but it was like I ate sugar!” he said.

“To be able to give back — that’s everything, especially where I come from,” said Sanders. “I always said once I got to a certain place in the NFL, I would create my own foundation. Giving these kids so much positive energy and so much fun — it was exciting out here.”

Sanders teamed up with a non-profit called A Precious Child.

Through its giveSPORTS program, families are able to send their kids to an athletic camp they couldn’t otherwise afford. About 200 of the kids participating in Monday’s camp were able to go for free.

“It’s so beautiful. Oh, I’m so excited!” said Martin’s grandmother, Maria Vigil. “Emmanuel Sanders has them loving football again.”

The two-day camp taught kids a special set of skills.

I learned a lot about catching and not giving up and trying hard — and keep on going,” said Max Estepp, who was part of this year’s giveSPORTS program.

“When you lose, it’s not the end of the road,” said Martin.

His biggest takeaway from the camp:

“Confidence. It’s the key, and I learned that.”

The 10-year-old quarterback shared a special moment with his idol on Sunday.

“Yesterday, once I shook Emmanuel Sanders’ hands, there was electricity that went through my hand. So I got his powers to be great,” Martin said.

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