DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — On any given day, you can find John and Maria Castillo at the Seven Stones Cemetery in Douglas County. 

Every day after work, they meet at their son’s memorial to speak with him about their day. But Tuesday wasn’t just any day. Tuesday would have been Kendrick’s 22nd birthday.

“Me and your mom wish you were here with us today,” John said, addressing his son at the memorial site. “Not here, but somewhere else.”

Castillos refuse settlement, push for public records

Nearly four years after their son was killed inside STEM School Highlands Ranch, they say certain details of what happened are not public. 

A Douglas County judge has ordered STEM to pay the Castillos $387,000 as part of a lawsuit settlement. According to attorney Dan Caplis, STEM is asking the court to prevent the public from seeing certain evidence in that testimony.

“The Castillos believe that what they have uncovered will shock the conscience of the public, and will force urgently needed school safety changes.” Caplis wrote in a statement. 

The family is refusing the $387,000 settlement and instead plans to ask the Colorado appellate court for a trial, according to Caplis.

“Finding out why Kendrick isn’t here with us today, that’s what our pursuit has been,” Castillo said of the effort. “That’s why we’re pursuing truth, and we want to share that.”