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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — One Club Q survivor had a connection with every one of the five victims killed in a mass shooting at the LBGTQ+ nightclub.

He’s sharing his story of heartbreak, resilience and gratitude with FOX31 as he honors the loved ones he lost.

Outside of Club Q, behind a sea of tributes, you can read about all five victims killed that Saturday. Wyatt Kent has his own reasons why each one of them was special to him.

“With every single one of them,” Kent said. “I have the blanket that, only two weeks ago, Derrick finished crocheting to put on Daniel’s bed that we slept under. Raymond and I went to High School together. Ashley was at my shows often, she was always laughing, and Kelly saved my life.”

Kelly Loving, a hero to Kent in her final moments. 

Kent took FOX31 back to that Saturday night at Club Q, his 23rd birthday. 

“I went backstage and there was a bunch of roses and strawberries and blueberries, and a love note from Daniel to me for my birthday,” he said. 

Daniel Aston was Kent’s boyfriend. They met at Club Q. Kent performed as a drag queen and Aston bartended. 

Minutes before the shooting, Kent introduced Aston to victim Raymond Vance.

“I introduced them and gave Daniel a hug and a kiss and told him I loved him and that I would meet him out on the dance floor,” Kent said. 

Those were the last words Kent and Aston exchanged in person. Kent then went to the bar, finding himself next to Loving. 

“We were facing the bar and we turned around and I could see the shadowy figure of a man holding an AR style weapon,” Kent said. “I hit the ground and Kelly fell on top of me while I was still falling. She was a main factor in why I hit the ground so fast.”

Kent said Loving shielded him from the gunfire that took her life. He held her hand as she fought to take some of her final breaths.

“I pulled this arm that was under my body out from me and grabbed her hand and said, ‘Keep squeezing my hand, baby, keep squeezing my hand, keep squeezing my hand, baby,” Kent said.

“I’m so thankful that Kelly was there. I wish it was any other way possible. It’s never a trade that anyone wants to make, but I’m so blessed to be alive.”

If it wasn’t for Loving, Kent believes he wouldn’t have been able to open the last letter Aston ever wrote to him. FBI agents and detectives we’re able to retrieve the love letter Aston left for Kent backstage.

He got it back last week.