AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The last day for students in Aurora Public Schools, according to the district’s website is Thursday, May 25, and then students will be out to enjoy summer break.

“We will provide information for some safe programs students and families can participate in over the summer to stay healthy,” Jordan Clark, the founder of Iron Sharp Community Foundation said Sunday.

Clark said Iron Sharp Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 “that strives to build a more enriched, compassionate, and sharpened community, locally and globally through service, heart-reach, and love. By establishing long-lasting relationships with all sectors of the community, the Iron Sharp Community Foundation collaborates with faith-based organizations, non-profits, municipal governments, and private sector organizations to service communities in need and forge a better sense of community, value, and honor.”

Clark said that come Friday, May 26, the foundation will be hosting an “Aurora Summer Kickoff” along with help from APS, the Aurora Police Department, Aurora Youth Violence Prevention Center and several over organizations.

“They are reliant and dependent on the resources the school is providing throughout the year,” Clark said about the families attending the event.

He said the focus is having students from McKinney Vento, Lansing Elementary, Paris Elementary, Park Lane Elementary, Laredo Elementary, and East Middle School. Along with other students within the district.

“It’s serving these youth in circumstances that aren’t of their choosing and not because anything they’ve done.

“We have seen in our community, seen an unfortunate uptick and increase in youth and teen violence,” Clark said.

The event, hosted at Soccer City in Aurora, will provide fun activities and games along with handing out food (some to take home) and dental kits.

Families will also be able to talk to a handful of resources attending about programs their students can be involved in over the summer to stay busy, especially when parents are at work.