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LYONS, Colo. (KDVR) — Tiny homes started out as an interesting curiosity but now they are turning into an attractive alternative to traditional housing.

For tiny home custom builders Byron and Dot Fears, they do not need a show room. As soon as they finish one home, three more are waiting to be built.

The idea behind a tiny home is to build a high-quality dwelling, scale it down in size, put it on a trailer and you are good to go.

“The front range of Colorado the prices of homes have gotten way out of reach. In Boulder they are well over one million dollars.  In Denver they are reaching almost six hundred thousand dollars, average sales price. Most people cannot afford to pay for that,” said Byron Fears, owner of SimBLISSity tiny homes in Lyons.

Fears says tiny homes are increasingly becoming an attractive alternative to traditional housing because they are well built and cost a lot less. The average tiny home price nowadays is around $85,000.

A recent Forbes survey shows 63% of millennials would consider buying a tiny home.

Just ask Tyler Mais who is making his own tiny home for himself and his girlfriend Alicia.

“I Did not want to pay a mortgage, did not want to pay a debt, did not want to join the rat race of everyday life,” he said.

In Colorado, however, in some places it is illegal in to actually live in your tiny home.

“It’s illegal to live in a tiny home in Colorado in many places due to the fact that we do not comply with the current building codes that our building departments in force,” said Fears.

Regardless, more people these days are calling tiny houses, home.