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CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A new judge presiding over the murder case of Susanne Morphew ordered the prosecution to provide emails related to discovery be handed over to Barry Morphew’s defense team no later than Jan. 31.

Morphew was formally charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and attempting to influence the public following the disappearance of his wife on Mother’s Day 2020.

Suzanne’s body has yet to be found, but when a judge allowed Morphew to post a half-million-dollar bond in September 2021, it was declared there was enough probable cause to charge him with Suzanne’s murder but not enough to keep him detained.

Morphew’s team argued the prosecution was at times unresponsive when the defense team requested discovery and information shared on the case, to which the judge agreed.

Monday, Morphew’s team faced Judge Ramsey Lama to discuss bond, possible discovery violations, length of trial, change of venue and other trial-related issues.

Judge Patrick Murphy, who was previously presiding over the case, recused himself earlier this month. FOX31’s sister station, KXRM, had reporter Lauren Scharf in the courtroom for Monday’s hearing.

Morphew’s defense team was also successful in arguing previous drafts of a 130-page arrest affidavit should be included in the case and said that previous versions included witness statements that were relevant to the case.

Lama said he’s never seen an affidavit as lengthy as the Morphew in all his years behind the bench and as a lawyer.