DENVER (KDVR) — Jefferson County Public Schools announced that there were “alarming” emails received Tuesday by staff members.

According to the district’s statement, the Information Technology team is working with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement to investigate the credibility and scope of an attack.

The district said there is no concern related to physical safety.

Jeffco Public Schools Chief Information Officer Jill Ibeck shared precautionary measures the district employees were required to take, including updating all passwords and educating students about digital citizenship and the importance of strong passwords that are regularly changed.

Ibeck said when the district updates families will be controlled by law enforcement to keep the investigation’s integrity.

Anyone who receives concerning communications is asked to notify the district immediately by calling JeffcoHelp at 303-982-2200 or by using the community portal,

The district said it is still working to know the scope of the cyberattack and who was impacted.