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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Taxpayers in Jefferson County will get some money back in their pockets from the county, thanks to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, known as TABOR.

TABOR limits the total money local governments in Colorado can spend. In 2021, Jefferson County brought in about $17.3 million more than it could spend, so by law, that will be refunded to the 213,000 property taxpayers in the county.

This is different than the TABOR refund sent out by the state, which included checks for $750 per individual filer. At last check, roughly 9 in 10 of those checks have been cashed, according to the Department of Revenue.

For Jefferson County, this TABOR refund is focused on who paid property taxes during 2021. The county decided to mail the refund checks out to taxpayers. According to a release from Jeffco, the average check the county cut is about $80.

According to the county, 88% of property taxpayers will receive $80 or less while 50% of taxpayers should expect $50 or less. Some refund checks may be less than $1.

Unlike the TABOR checks received by Colorado taxpayers, which Gov. Polis tweaked to even out the refund amount across incomes, this county refund will be proportional based on how much you pay in property taxes. If you own a large business complex and pay property taxes on that building, you will see a larger check than the typical single-family homeowner.

These checks are for property taxpayers in 2021, so if you recently moved to the county in 2022, you will have to wait until next year when the county projects another TABOR surplus.

The county previously said it costs roughly 97 cents to send out each check, and so it will roughly cost $213,000 to send the checks to taxpayers.

A spokesperson for Jefferson County tells FOX31 the checks will be sent out during the first week of October, and residents should expect to see them in their mailboxes within the first two weeks.

If you have not received your check by the end of October, you can reach out to the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office at 303-271-8330. If you received a check in the mail that doesn’t belong to you, you can mail it back to the Treasurer’s Office at 100 Jefferson County Pkwy. Suite 2520, Golden, CO, 80419.

Jefferson County Commissioners are holding a telephone town hall on the county’s budget and funding challenges Thursday, Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. They will be discussing TABOR refunds and can respond to any questions or concerns on the phone. You can learn how to participate on their website.