DENVER (KDVR) – The House Select Committee held its first primetime hearing on Thursday, giving the nation a rundown of what they found while investigating the riot at the capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

A big spotlight has been placed on the former president but FOX31 has been looking ahead to what impact the hearing could have on races here at home.

Colorado and states around the nation are gearing up for primary races and several candidates are still using messages that led people to the Capitol that day, despite the election results undergoing verification multiple times.

Even after both Republican and Democratic state elections officials across the nation certified Joe Biden as the winner of a secure 2020 presidential election, U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks said he still carries concerns about the elections’ validity and it’s a focal point of his new campaign.

“The reason I went to Jan. 6, I’m not really a protest kind of guy but I was a newly-elected legislator in November of 2020, and it seemed appropriate to see what would happen next in an election where so many people and now a majority of people had fraudulent elements to it,” Hanks said. “As I’m running now for federal office, I look at this as a national security race, and [President] Joe Biden has put us in a horrible situation: perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen in my 32-years of military experience.”

He is not alone in that thinking. Here in Colorado, you can look to other races like one for the Secretary of State. GOP candidate Tina Peters is facing multiple indictments for breaching election equipment. FOX31 Republican political analyst Michael Fields said most voters know better.

“It doesn’t appeal to unaffiliated voters, it doesn’t appeal to the larger electorate, and I think there are things that you need to do to make our elections better,” Fields explained. “I think there are problems in terms of our voter rolls and who’s on them, I think that we should have better audits and look at ballot harvesting and people turning in other people’s ballots but these aren’t things that fundamentally shift the election.”

Could revelations from the hearings change some voters’ minds ahead of the election?

“I think this (discussions around Jan. 6) is something that’s been going on for a while and been talked about for a while, it will get some attention but you don’t know what else is going to happen in terms of the news. So yeah, it could have an impact, it could be a topic of discussion. I think the media will ask these candidates their positions but I think this (Jan. 6) has already happened,” Fields concluded.

According to Fields, most people have already taken a side when it comes to what they believe about election security. Upcoming election results are sure to show just how many people are still prioritizing the results of the race from 2020.