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AVON, Colo. (KDVR) – Colorado residents who are at least 21 years old will be able to continue ordering cocktails to-go for at least the next four years.

The sale of cocktails for takeout was approved early in the COVID-19 pandemic to help restaurants that were struggling with no in-person dining.

“Very early on, using my emergency powers, we were able to remove the — in my mind — a senseless and outdated rule that for some reason in Colorado, restaurants weren’t allowed to do takeout alcohol with their takeout food. And that was a lifeline for many restaurants during the pandemic,” Gov. Polis said in a release announcing that he’d signed a bill passed during the recent legislative session.

In-person dining has since returned and restaurants are now able to operate at 100% capacity, but Polis and other elected officials said they felt this change was something worth keeping.

“Over 90% of restaurants in the state utilized this provision,” Rep. Dylan Roberts said.

According to Roberts, “a significant portion” of restaurants said it was “the sole reason” they were able to stay open throughout the pandemic, according to the Colorado Restaurant Association.

The current law, as signed by Polis Tuesday will expire in 2025, but the governor said he expects it to continue in some for after that.

“Sure, it’s only four years, but it’s going to be so popular after four years that it’ll be either forever or a 10-year sunset or something like that afterward,” Polis said.