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GRAND COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — It’s been a stressful week for residents of Grand County. First, the East Troublesome Fire exploded on Wednesday threatening homes between Grand Lake and Granby, then over the weekend a winter storm dropped more than a foot of snow in the area, causing potential risk to homes that hadn’t been properly winterized.

Out of this all, however, the fire crews working in the area found the time and displayed their humanity while working to protect what they could.

“It just melts your heart,” homeowner Daniel Stones said, adding “I’m a grown man and I can admit this, I wept. It was just so touching. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster after the past week and to get something that is not only confirmation but good it’s just so overwhelming.” 

A team working to winterize homes in the area discovered Stones’ home was still standing – they also found a note from firefighters apologizing for not being able to save shed and having to cut a hole in the fence.

“If this note finds you we must have done something right. Sorry for the loss of your shed and we had to cut a little of your wood fence to save your house. Things got really hot we stayed as long as possible. Best wishes, Engine 1446, Meeker, Co. 81641,” the note said.

Along with sharing this uplifting story, Stones wants to say thank you to this team of firefighters by raising money for their department. He’s created a GoFundMe.

“It’s a way for us to put our money where our mouth is and give back, make sure their resources succeed, whether it’s better beds at the fire department, whatever it is to make their lives easier take the stress off, I think it’s on us to do that,” Stones said. 

FOX31 tracked down the Engine 1446 team who are in shock their message has reached so many people.

“It is kind of surreal, we all don’t really do this job for the limelight,” South Zone Fire Management Officer Kyle Fray said, adding “The main thing for us is we’re really glad he’ll be able to go to his house and it’s still standing.”