DENVER (KDVR) — A popular sports bar in Denver is closing its doors for the last time after serving the public for more than two decades.   

Blake Street Tavern, located a block away from Coors Field, opened up back in 2003.   

Owner Chris Fuselier said the decision wasn’t easy, but they’re saying goodbye one last time.   

“We’re really had a great run here and it’s bittersweet to close,” Fuselier said. “This is the day to go out with a bang. With weather like today and a Rockies win, these are the things I’m going to think about.”

Fuselier has made his mark in the Mile High City and created a new family for so many like Maureen Hogan, a bar manager at Blake Street Tavern.   

“I started working here the day I moved to Colorado and I never felt alone in a brand new state. I immediately had friends. I immediately had a family,” Hogan said. 

For employee Darin Fischer, it’s always been about the people. 

“Honestly the people here just kept me together,” Fischer said. “It’s going to be sad because Blake Street was kind of like home base for a lot of us.” 

Located a block from Coors Field, the sports bar has been a staple for countless fans who are now touching base here for the final time. 

“It always just kind of felt like a home away from home, so I’m going to miss it a lot,” Ross, a loyal customer, said.  

Fuselier said it’s been emotional. 

“I’m overwhelmed with emotion of all the people who’ve come to say goodbye today,” Fuselier said. 

And for the staff, this place holds so many memories. 

“All-Star weekend was fun. Getting stuck on the roof was fun. It raining from the ceiling was fun. There’s a lot,” Hogan said. 

Fischer said he’ll never forget when the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 2022. 

“When the Avs won the Stanley Cup that was the busiest I’ve ever seen this place. I’m a Colorado native so watching that was really special to me,” Fischer said. 

The sports bar officially closed on April 9.