DENVER (KDVR) — Students are reacting to another shooting at Denver East High School.

Two faculty members were shot at Denver East High School on Wednesday morning, Denver Public Schools said. The two victims, who are deans at the school, were transported to local hospitals.

FOX31 spoke with a student who reflected on the chaos while she and a group of friends were hanging out outside the school.

“It’s repetitive, it’s old, and it’s starting to get tiring. It hasn’t even been a whole month yet since the thing with Luis, and we’re still going through a lot of trauma because of that because we are constantly reminded about that every day and then this happened,” said a sophomore student.

FOX31 also spoke with two students who recalled past shootings that occurred near the school.

“It just keeps getting closer and closer, and more people keep getting affected and no one is doing anything about it. No one cares,” said one female student. “These students are becoming familiar with the evacuation process of being walked out by officers with guns in their faces. This is our regular.”

This shooting comes weeks after Luis Garcia, an East High student died after being shot in his car near the building on Feb. 13.

FOX31’s legal analyst Chris Decker’s son, Jackson, was inside the school. He talks about Garcia’s passing.

“Most of the students knew that shooting sadly wasn’t the end and we would continue to have problems and we see that today. We’re continuing to have problems, and I think the sad reality is that after this we will continue to have problems unless something happens and change occurs,” Jackson said.

A former student who graduated from East High spoke with FOX31.

“It’s a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. No matter what your political stance is, there is no preventative measures,” said former student Amara.

Alyssa is a senior at East High.

“It’s really heartbreaking, I’m choking up talking about it. It sucks having to come to a school and not knowing if we’re going to be safe, we have to see if we’re going to be safe. We’re getting told to trust these adults, to trust the security. As young students, we shouldn’t be the ones protesting to get rid of guns and to keep us safe,” Alyssa said.

Superintendent Alex Marrero said two armed officers will now be at East High School daily until the end of the semester.