DENVER (KDVR) — Casa Bonita is getting closer and closer to reopening, and the water now flowing in the iconic restaurant’s fountain is yet another sign of that.

The fountain has undergone some renovations, as seen by SkyFOX in January, but is now finally functioning as a fountain again, water and all.

The outside of the pink building has seen some other notable changes — such as a new paint job to make it a brighter shade of pink — while the restaurant gets ready to finally reopen in May of this year.

Hiring began in January, with over 550 positions open at the restaurant.

  • Fountain outside of Denver's Casa Bonita
  • Fountain outside of Casa Bonita
  • Fountain outside of Casa Bonita

South Park creators Trey Park and Matt Stone entered into an agreement to buy Casa Bonita in September 2021 and have been making preparations ever since.

Many people are already excited in anticipation of the grand opening, with a Facebook event to wait in line for the grand opening receiving interest from thousands of people.

When the restaurant finally does open, it will mark the first time the public has seen cliff divers perform and eaten sopapillas at the establishment since the spring of 2020.