Is ‘maskne’ real? We asked a local dermatologist


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – One side effect of wearing masks has been an increase of acne among teenagers.  It’s documented so much that a name has been given to the condition. It’s called “maskne”, a combination of mask and acne.

It’s part mask, part acne, probably more frightening to a teenager than COVID-19 itself. 

Dr. Gregory Papadeas knows his way around the body’s largest organ. He is a doctor of dermatology and the past president of the Colorado Dermatologic Society. He says maskne is very real.

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“There is no question that this idea of mass congestion aggravates or exacerbates one’s acne,” Papadeas said.

Under normal times, acne is a big enough problem for any kid who has it. But add the acne aggravating mask and, well, that’s why Problem Solvers want to know what can be done.

“Switch your mask out regularly. Clean that mask. Wash your face when you get home from school or work, and use the medication that’s been prescribed to you by your dermatologist,” Papadeas said.

If you’re wondering what mask is best to prevent maskne the doc says it really doesn’t matter but not all masks are created equal.

“If you have the option of wearing a cotton mask if you are a teenager with acne it’ll be a little more breathable,” he said.

While acne will occur to us in a pandemic or not, following the doctor’s advice will go along way in minimizing the effects of wearing a mask.

And the good news is you can eat as much chocolate as you want.

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