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DENVER (KDVR) — Many states are known for certain foods. One example might be Idaho, which is known for potatoes or Kentucky, where the hot brown is wildly popular.

But does Colorado actually have a food it is popular for? We put up a social media post asking that question and we received hundreds of responses.

“Colorado just isn’t known for food. That’s fine, we got a lot of other awesome things,” one viewer said.

So, is it green chili or how about green chiles?

Many people said Colorado is known for Pueblo Green Chiles, while others responded with green chili.

There is a difference between green chili and green chiles.

Green chiles are used to make green chili, which is a dish.

“1. Whoever is saying green chile is wrong, Colorado is not known for chile, New Mexico is the chile capital of the world. 2. Its Chile! Not chili!” a viewer shared on Facebook.

“1000% Green chili! No other state makes it like Colorado and anyone not from here doesn’t know what it is. I had to make 3 gallons worth of it this week so it could last us over a week! Homemade is the best most restaurants don’t get it right,” another viewer shared.

What food is Colorado known for?

Here are the variety of answers we got on the social media post.

  • Pueblo green chiles
  • Green chili
  • Palisade peaches
  • Rocky Mountain oysters
  • Olathe sweet corn
  • Denver omelet
  • Rocky Ford melons
  • Smothered burritos

What is your take on Colorado food? Vote on the food you think our state is known for:

And while this isn’t necessarily a food, many people answered saying that “edibles” are a food Colorado is known for.