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DENVER (KDVR) — Millions of people across the country will be celebrating The Big Game this weekend.

Besides football, snacking will be top of mind for many. From nachos to charcuterie to hot wings, people will be enjoying a variety of treats on Sunday.

Delish recently compiled data showing the uniquely searched dips for each state over the past week.

According to the data, buffalo chicken dip is the most popular in Colorado.

Do you agree? Vote on your favorite game day dip:

Here is a look at the favorite game day dips for each state, according to Google Trends data compiled by Delish:

Google Trends, compiled by Delish

“The map shows uniquely searched game-day dips by state in the past week. Google Trends defines “uniquely searched” as dips that were overrepresented in a region compared to the rest of the country,” Delish said.

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