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DENVER — Investigators are asking people to stop sharing a video depicting a toddler performing oral sex on an adult because it continues to be shared repeatedly on Facebook.

Alabama State Police are investigating the video. Central Alabama Crime Stoppers’ executive director Tony Garrett said people continue to share the video on Facebook, hindering the investigation and harming the child.

“If you share it was a friend, you’re becoming a part of the investigation,” Garrett said. “It’s just alarming how much it’s being shared and that’s pretty much what’s giving us concern.”

Garrett said the video has gone viral, reaching law enforcement as far away as France. The Colorado Springs Police Department tweeted residents contacted it about the video.

Garrett said investigators are still looking for the adult and the child.

Ray Hutchins, who runs Denver Cyber Security, said Facebook needs to step in and stop the spread of the video.

“[Facebook has] vast technical resources. They can get to the source of it and figure out who is forwarding it,” Hutchins said. “This is not a tough technological problem tracking this down.”

Hutchins reiterated that sharing the video is a federal offense.

“We have to have a very ruthless reaction to this,” Hutchins said.