DENVER (KDVR) — If you are thinking about getting out and enjoying the Colorado outdoors in 2023, you should check out this year’s International Sportsmen’s Expo at the Colorado Convention Center. The show is up and running, and they say it is better than ever. 

After a couple of rough years, the ISE is back.

“It’s a place for someone who has done it all their lives or someone who’s never done it, and Colorado is filled with people who just moved here who maybe don’t know what to do outdoors,” said show spokesman John Kirk.

Information flows at the ISE like a cool Colorado creek. Information can be found on hunting, camping, hiking and fly fishing. 

“We are just using a fly, it is almost totally weightless so that the line has weight and it’s casting a weightless fly,” said expert fisherman Clay Roberts at the Combo Casting Pond.

And your typical Colorado sportsman is not always…a man.

“We create space for women in the outdoors. We’re in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Oregon. We have almost 30 guides. They are all employees, and we like to create events in education that help women learn to hunt,” said Erin Crider, Unchartered Outdoorswomen founder.

So, if your New Year’s resolution is to get out into the great Colorado outdoors, this is a show for you. If it is not your resolution, maybe it should be.