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DENVER (KDVR) – Denver police are conducting an internal investigation after a man claimed he was sexually assaulted while being arrested at a protest.

Michael Jacobs was at a protest near Civic Center Park on July 29 when he was arrested and charged with disarming a police officer. 

A probable cause statement says he matched the description of a man who pushed down the fence around Veterans Park and got inside. The statement says he violently resisted arrest and tried to disarm a police officer of a pepper ball gun. 

Jacobs denies the allegations and claims that during his arrest, an officer used his baton inappropriately to violate him.

“As I was on the ground and as I was completely helpless, someone took what felt to be a nightstick and just shoved it up my butt. After that it was pretty much done,” Jacobs told FOX31’s Alex Rose. “It was the most traumatizing experience I’ve been through in all 23 years of my life.”

Jacobs says he obtained a rape kit following the arrest. Medical records obtained by the Problem Solvers show a doctor evaluated him two weeks after the incident, finding “rectal and anal hemorrhage.”

Jacobs’ lawyer says the charges are bogus and accuses the district attorney’s office of creating an unfair playing field in this case.

“This was a cover charge,” said Matthew Greife with the Baumgartner Law Firm. “They have to charge him with something to justify why they went to him in the first place.”

Greife says the DA’s office has yet to share discovery evidence — including body camera footage and other evidence — with his office, despite the arrest happening a month and a half ago. Greife says he and his client has a right to review evidence in this case. 

“Will there be a civil filing? Absolutely,” Greife said. “This was a sexual assault.”

On Wednesday, Denver police confirmed to FOX31 that they are conducting an internal investigation into Jacobs’ allegations.

“I’ve been having to go to GI doctors since and have them explain to me why I have hemorrhoids bleeding out of my… you know… rectum,” Jacobs said. “I mean, the people that are there to protect you, to do something so wrong, it’s like I have panic attacks now, which I’ve never experienced before.”

The criminal case against Jacobs is still pending and is being handled by the Denver District Attorney’s Office. A spokesperson for District Attorney Beth McCann declined to comment on the case outside the court room.

Jacobs’ next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 28.