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DENVER (KDVR) — As we move into the spring season, you should expect to see more issues with mold.

Olivia Velasquez told FOX31 that she started to notice an increasing amount of black mold on her walls.  After developing distressing symptoms, she became concerned about her family’s health.

“It is moist in the carpet,” she said.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers brought in professional testers at Mold Inspection Sciences, Inc. to determine the risk of mold contamination.

Chief Operating Officer Brandon Apple told FOX31 that when it comes to mold, “the longer you’re around it the more dangerous it becomes.”

Apple emphasizes that while mold is a natural part of the environment when indoors, it can turn into a health hazard.

“We’re in that environment many hours a day and we need to be breathing clean air and not exposed to contaminants,” he said.

The crew conducted a thorough inspection of Velasquez’s home and found positive evidence of mold in addition to areas where moisture was causing mold to spread.

“Aside from physical mold in front of our face we found multiple moisture issues (that) if not currently creating mold will inevitably create more mold,” Apple said.

The Problem Solvers are working to make sure all personnel working in the landlord’s office receives the full report.

Attorneys told the Problem Solvers that all renters have a right to a clean, safe environment, which is the law. You must contact your landlord in writing and file a formal complaint.

The State of Colorado also provides legal and renters assistance services.