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DENVER (KDVR) — Hoping for the best and preparing for the best, is how Executive Director of the Department of Public Safety for the County and City of Denver, describes the response plan headed into election week.

“I believe the people of Colorado and Denver will respect the results of the election,” said Murphy Robinson on Monday.

Many business owners around the Capitol Hill area are taking safety into their own hands, including boarding up windows in case of a riot.

“We applaud that, but we also applaud the owners that said, ‘No, I don’t think it’s necessary,'” said Robinson. “I want folks to know it’s up to the business owners to decide what they do.”

One business owner sent FOX31 a photo of piles of bricks at the corner of Blake Street and 15th which continue to appear. The owner notified police but is still nervous of what destruction may come.

Denver’s Department of Public Safety said Monday its Emergency Operation Center is activated until tomorrow as well as its public safety command center. 

“If you cause destruction or damage, we will handle you appropriately,” said Robinson. “We will arrest you and you will be taken into custody. We have no tolerance for that in Denver.”

Colorado State Patrol will also be out in full force this week in and around the Capitol. 

“Ultimately you have rights, you have responsibilities and we do too,” said Trooper Josh Lewis. “That’s why we will be out there.”

Both CSP and Denver’s Department of Public Safety are echoing similar messages of respect for freedom of speech, but they want to see it done without damage and destruction.

“The Capitol has for a long time been the people’s building, people will make their voices heard and we want people to do so, of course we want it to be done peaceful, that’s when people are heard, when they can do it peacefully,” said Lewis.