IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Late spring snow in Colorado is causing some communities to make unexpected preparations for a whopper of a snowstorm — in mid-May.

In Idaho Springs, blades are being re-installed on city trucks. They had already been removed since snow usually doesn’t come so late.

The Pinpoint Weather team is predicting nearly 2 feet of snow could fall in places like Idaho Springs. The city’s public works department said they are concerned this storm could be a real “branch breaker.”

The wet heavy snow could pile on trees whose leaves are already blooming. Branches could go down and take power lines with them.

Meteorologist says a lot of snow could fall over Friday and Saturday.

“I think because this storm is happening so late, 1 to 2 feet or more in the foothills you have to be thinking about power outages. You have to have a plan in place in case the power does go out,” Pinpoint Meteorologist Chris Tomer said.

For Colorado weather, expect the unexpected

Many mountain towns are accustomed to heavy snow, but not this much so late.

In the Idaho Springs tourist district, the folks at Clear Creek Cidery & Eatery are battening the hatches, or at least trying to.

“We’ve lost two tents so far. We are trying to hold the last two together right now. Trying to get through this snowstorm without having to break the whole thing down,” co-owner Evan Lombardi said.

Ten tents had already been destroyed on Thursday.

While this weather can be stressful, some here said it’s all part of Colorado living. Deb Jaeger’s not too concerned about flowers around and near her home.

“There’s nothing you can do. It’s mother nature. You don’t cover it. … The snow will protect it,” Idaho Springs resident Deb Jaeger said.

Colorado’s mountain towns know when it comes to Colorado weather, expect the unexpected.

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