DENVER (KDVR) — An iconic Denver business closed its doors for the last time on Sunday.

The Triangle Bar has stood at 2036 N. Broadway since 1973 and was known as a safe space for Colorado’s gay community.

“This is so hard, we have an amazing community that’s supported us for so long and it’s just very difficult,” owner Scott Coors told FOX31.

The bar drew loyal customers of all orientations and backgrounds and has been slowly recovering since being affected by the pandemic. Coors said that progress was being disrupted by Denver’s homeless problem.

“We’ve had a very concentrated percentage of homeless behind our bar and our customers are afraid to walk from the car to the bar,” Coors said.

Coors conducted a survey of customers and found that more than 60% said they would no longer frequent the club due to the presence of nearby encampments.

“Our business has dropped off like crazy,” he said.

A farewell event held Sunday afternoon saw a standing-room-only crowd. Many said they were sad to see the club close but feared the potential for crime near encampments.

“I am saddened by this. The city needs to fix homelessness first before our businesses go under,” one customer said.

‘It’s definitely a little unnerving, we got used to it over the years but it’s just sad,” another customer said.

The city is addressing the problem, recently cleaning up parts of the area and moving those living in another large encampment near the governor’s residence into safe housing.

“To be fair, the city has cleaned up the block. I mean, we’ve raised a lot of fuss and our block is clean, and I’m so thankful for that and I hope that that continues,” Coors said.

Coors said the cleanup efforts came too late for the Triangle Bar to remain in business. The summer revenue flow that supports the business throughout the year will not be enough.

Coors said he has great compassion for those living on the streets and hopes they will receive housing and employment assistance in addition to addiction and mental health resources.