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DENVER — Immigration and Customs Enforcement has finished conducting four days worth of sweeps across Colorado and Wyoming.

In total, 42 people — all with criminal records or pending charges — were detained.

Among those detained include Miguel Martinez Castaneda and Jose Martinez Calzada, both Mexican nationals.

ICE previously asked Denver County and Boulder County to detain the men when they were arrested on charges of assault and stalking but sanctuary laws in the state prevented compliance.

“It is our belief that state sanctuary policies [do] not keep the community safe,” John Fabbricatore, the acting director of the Denver ICE field office, said.

While all detained had charges or pending charges, FOX31 has learned some include less severe offenses like DUIs.

When asked if children were separated from parents during the operation, Fabbricatore said it was likely.

“There is probability of that … but everyday, parents are separated from their parents when U.S. citizens are arrested,” Fabbricatore said.

For opponents of ICE, the raids serve as motivation to keep protesting.

“We don’t believe deportation is ever the answer to what criminal activity might be going on,” Jordan García, with the Colorado Rapid Response Network, said.