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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Ice cream trucks are now legal in Aurora. A decades-old law banning them has been lifted after 65 years.

Licensed trucks will now be able to sell sweet treats on the streets ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend. It was a joyous day for kids in Aurora, who can enjoy the perks of being a kid and running after the ice cream truck.

In 1957, the city banned ice cream trucks, calling them a “nuisance.” Apparently, people did not want them driving up and down their streets. Plus, it was a safety concern for children running after the truck, some seeing it as putting kids at risk for harm or injury.

Aurora City Council decided to thaw that law.

“It’s a great day for the people of Aurora. It’s a great day for the city of Aurora,” said Paul Capley, with Ice Cream Wagon. “I’ve been in the business 25 years, and we’ve gone to city council meetings with absolutely no luck at all.”

Until Friday. Capley called it a historic day for his business and other ice cream truck owners.

Councilor on a mission to lift ice cream truck ban

Aurora Councilman Dustin Zvonek formed the Red Tape Reduction Committee and has been working to repeal and review outdated laws, and this ban was one of them.

“There were five of us on that committee and it was a collective, ‘What?’ And we just couldn’t believe it,” Zvonek explained.

Shocked by the initial ban from the 1950s, it was Zvonek’s goal to have it repealed by the busy Fourth of July holiday weekend. He succeeded.

On Friday afternoon, Rick, driver of the Ice Cream Wagon, was presented the city’s first legal license since the ban was enacted, and he wasted no time getting to work.

Kids sprint the streets to meet the ice cream truck

To beat the scorching summer heat, you’ll need a sweet treat — whether it’s a firecracker, ice cream sandwich or Choco Taco. Rick had them all loaded in his truck and was finally able to sell in Aurora.

For hours, Rick brought joy to an Aurora neighborhood, sending toddlers and teens sprinting down their street for a taste.

“We were in the middle of watching a movie and then we heard the ice cream truck and these three started sprinting,” 14-year-old Katie Auld said. “Then we all just started running and running to the ice cream truck. It brings me back to when I was a kid, to when I was 7 in Kansas, and I would get ice cream every summer.”

So many city children are happy and excited to see the trucks’ sweet return.

“It’s refreshing but also fun, because it’s not like you’re eating just like ice, you’re eating like cool-flavored ice. You just get to have fun, stay cool and stay amazing,” 14-year-old Zoe Hepola said.

The hardest decision for the neighborhood children is which treat to choose, but the youngest customer of the day was 4-year-old Achilles who walked right up and picked out a Spider-Man popsicle, ripped it open and took a big bite. He gave it a stamp of approval — a big thumbs up.

Councilman Zvonek said the new ordinance passed unanimously on the first reading and does not require a second. So, no matter what flavor you like, ice cream trucks will be out in full force this weekend and no doubt selling a lot of treats.