DENVER (KDVR) —  It stayed cold enough throughout the greater Denver area on Wednesday for a thin layer of ice to coat streets and sidewalks. The ice proved to be hazardous throughout the day and night after freezing drizzle fell throughout the day.

In Westminster, Hugh wore cleats to walk his dog, Clancy.

“I’ve got my dog — he pulls me along, and I’ve got cleats on the bottom of my shoes,” Hugh said. “I’m all ready to go.”

Just down the street, at H Mart, people walked slowly as they moved to and from their cars.

“About three times, almost slipped and fell on the way in,” a man said.

Chris, who lives near Thornton, was busy putting sand on his walkways. He has been doing that ever since he fell on ice a few years ago.

Law enforcement agencies shared dangerous conditions on social media. Bridges and overpasses remained especially slick throughout the day.