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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A flash flood in the Cameron Peak Fire burn scar in Boulder and Larimer counties has some people seeking out answers after finding themselves unprepared.

“I was honestly kind of terrified to see the wrath of nature,” said Jade Wilber, who works ar Archers Poudre River Resort. 

Investigators are now trying determine who was killed and who’s missing.

“There’s debris everywhere. It’s a pretty dangerous recovery,” Larimer County Sheriff’s spokesperson David Moore said. 

What happens is that when rain falls on the area destroyed by last year’s fire, there is nothing there on the ground or in the soil to absorb it. So it runs off and grows in strength as it moves down the slope of the Rocky Mountains.

The rushing water can pick up just about anything in its path.

“There was one very large tree. It had to be 100 foot,” Archers Poudre River Resort owner Connie Archer said. “It was obviously one that had burned, because the limbs were all gone. It was one big, long rod. It was huge.”

Many who live here are concerned about the threat of more rain. 

“It makes me sad, because this community went through so much last year, and it’s going to rain again,” resident Debbie McLeod said.

The Larimer County Sheriff said rescue operations were to resume on Wednesday.