WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (KDVR) — A man from Wheat Ridge hung on for dear life on Monday after he tried to stop his work truck and trailer from being stolen from his home. 

In just a few minutes, that stolen truck would end up hitting several cars as it made its way through a busy intersection at 38th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

Surveillance video shows a man jumping onto his truck as it was being stolen from his home in Wheat Ridge.

Police say a white Cadillac Escalade seen in the video is believed to be an accomplice. The owner can be heard in the video yelling as he tries to stop the thief from driving away. 

“I jumped on the hood of the truck. I tried to punch out the windshield. It was safety glass so it just shattered the windshield. But I couldn’t get to the guy,“ truck owner Greg Brown said. 

For a bit, Brown held onto the truck, which was pulling a trailer loaded with equipment. 

Brown was banging on the windshield and at one point was hanging off its side, trying to get the driver to stop. He was eventually thrown off. 

“I just started running down the center of 38th after my truck, watching, like, my whole business drive away. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘They stole my truck, that’s my truck!’ I’m just sprinting,” Brown added. 

The stolen diesel double cab Ford F-350 truck hit three vehicles near Sheridan and 38th. 

One of the drivers who was hit did the unexpected. 

“To get out of the way, we believe she was concerned she was going to get run over again, so she got into the back of the trailer,” Wheat Ridge Police Public Information Officer Joanna Small said.

On additional surveillance video captured by Evan Lordall,  you can hear what sounds like a woman screaming as the truck and getaway car speed by. 

“When I ran up there, that is where she was still laying, being held/comforted by a bystander, then she was loaded onto a stretcher from the trailer,” Lordall said. 

The alleged thief, police say, got out and jumped into the Escalade and got away.

The suspects are described as a Hispanic male and Hispanic female with blonde hair. Police are hoping someone recognized the white Escalade and helps solve the case.