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DENVER (KDVR) — As the Colorado legislature works on the transportation funding bill, some Coloradans are speaking out in favor of the benefits of multimodal transportation.

The Colorado Public Interest Research Group held a virtual roundtable with every day, non-famous Coloradans who are in favor of multimodal transportation.

“Multimodal is getting around the state with different modes. Whether it’s riding transit, whether it’s getting on a bicycle, whether you’re in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller,” said CoPORG Executive Director Danny Katz.

From Louisville to Lakewood, Grand Junction to Colorado Springs, the one common denominator, all were in favor of multimodal transportation:

  • “I’m super passionate about this, multimodal means sidewalks and safe traffic speed.”
  • “I really look at it as living in the future without my car, and that is like the goal.”
  • “For me it’s really an environmental issue as well as a health and well-being issue.”

Katz says multimodal transportation could cut greenhouse gas by 40% by 2030, reduce local air pollution and improve safety of all transportation modes.

“Bikes, transit access, if we just invested another $50 million every year that could cover hundreds more projects across the state,” he said.

So, what could we do?

  • “Within the town of Telluride I would like to see more bike infrastructure.”
  • “We do need more separated protected bike lanes to provide safer routes.”
  • “Funding for more expanded bus services.”

“Any transportation funding bill either in a state or a national level need to be focused and putting in a lot of money and prioritizing multimodal transportation,” Said Katz.

And that, says some, could be a long row to hoe.