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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — A semitruck crashed into Tammy Anschutz’s backyard on June 7th, leaving behind a mess of her fence and yard. Anschutz says the biggest issue is more than 20 tons of gravel and rocks that hasn’t been moved.

“I just wanted to show you guys, since you were out here three weeks ago. We are right where we started from, nothing has changed,” Anchutz said. 

FOX31 and Channel 2 were on scene the morning of the crash. Anschutz know she would have a huge mess to deal with afterwards. That’s why she decided to reach out to the Problem Solvers for help. 

Anschutz said she never heard from the semitruck’s insurance until she started to reach out to them directly. She said she made several phone calls inquiring when the mess will be cleaned up and who would be paying for it. She stated her insurance representative told her that the gravel company that the semi was transporting for asked for all the gravel back. 

“The person who lost the gravel apparently, they want the gravel back. Well it’s my gravel and it’s been here for three weeks – you can pay me for it,” Anschutz said. 

According to Anschutz, the semi company carrying the gravel is D. Sanchez Trucking and they’re based in Brighton. We reached out to the company several times but have yet to hear back. 

“If you do something wrong you need to pay for it and move on,” Anschutz said. 

Anschutz is working with her neighborhood homeowner’s association to order the custom outside fence. She said her HOA also said a hazmat company should come and strip the lawn because the semitruck also left behind fuel and oil after the crash.

“They will have to go down a foot and take off all the soil because there is fuel or I won’t be able to have a lawn” Anschutz said. 

The Problem Solvers reached out to the Hazmat company to see if they had an estimate on when they would start working on her lawn, but we are waiting to hear back. 

Anschutz said her exposed backyard with all the gravel has quickly become a safety hazard. Just a few days ago, two men backed their pickup onto the sidewalk behind her home and started shoveling out some of the gravel.

She said they told her they were hired by the HOA but when Anschutz called the HOA she learned they weren’t telling the truth but were able to leave with a truckload of gravel before she realized they left. Two days later they tried to take more but she asking them to pay.

She told the Problem Solvers that she estimates that the gravel is worth around $4,000. She has had a few landscape estimates on her backyard that came in at $20,000 to $30,000 unless the gravel is moved.

“I just want someone to start doing something. Every time I look at it I cry,” Anschutz said.